Thursday, May 25, 2017

Email admin weasels at Outlook, MSN, Microsoft,,, and hotmail

I just realized I was not getting emails that were being sent to me, because I was not looking at a new folder in my email created with out my permission or any kind of notification. There is now a "focused" folder and an "other" folder. What type of bleephole would just do this to someone's personal email?

I didn't ask for it. I don't want it. I missed important emails. I am pissed.

I know Bill Gates is no longer in charge of Microsoft, but having my computer update itself when I am trying to shut it off and take it with me, making me late and all the B.S. with the updating and wasting hours, and hours, of precious time. My HP laser printer scanner won't even scan unless I unplug the internet and it still will crash when I am scanning the last page.

If the weasel who f'd up my email presented him, or herself, to me after they f'd up my email with all sorts of crap that I don't want, and didn't ask for, I can't guarantee I would do a biological adjustment on them with a baseball bat.

When will your privacy being invaded by bleepholes, bother you?

Silence signifies acceptance. Don't get f'd in the butt, peed on, and the deep state says they love you and it is raining, and not act, and fight back. Get pissed off and let's get these globalist pricks who are out to wreck all of life as we know it.

Don't turn the other cheek. They figure only one in a hundred thousand, or one in a million, will actually fight back, and can be identified. It it was only 3 in 100 who won the American Revolution, we need some bigger numbers people.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Understanding the Globalist/Corporate C*nts who want to be the Government of All

Warning: if you are easily offended or are turned off of use of the "C word", turn back now, this post is not for you.

Many corporate minions, such as many corporate executives who have benefited from the harming of humanity with their tenure at international corporations, such as Monsanto, are Secular Humanists, and/or are parasites on the rest of us.


"Atheism leads most Secular Humanists to adopt ethical relativism—the belief that no absolute moral code exists, and therefore man must adjust his ethical standards in each situation according to his own judgment.[10] If God does not exist, then He cannot establish an absolute moral code. Humanist Max Hocutt says that human beings “may, and do, make up their own rules… Morality is not discovered; it is made.”[11]"
[more from source]

I grew up under a Monsanto Executive father. I saw firsthand, the insanity of the corporate globalist minions who felt they were superior in intellect, being reasonable, and are the self-chosen ones to decide the fate of humanity. 

It is widely reported that Monsanto is the Seed Mafia. In India, and too much of the world, Monsanto's GMO seeds are forced on farmers through predatory business practices. Since plants aren't able to generate their own seeds, companies like Monsanto have a monopoly forcing farmers to buy from just them to eek out an existence. Farmers in India and elsewhere are committing suicide, just unwilling to take the abuse any longer. 

Monsanto employs trolls to comment on posts and threads where their abuse of humanity is exposed. 

US taxpayers were lied into wars like the one in Vietnam. Chemical and other companies have a captive audience to screw out of their hard earned currency. The Gulf of Tonkin has been declassified as the lie, the false flag, that led to the more between Vietnam and the US. Chemical companies then forced taxpayers with the burden of the spraying of millions of tons of harmful chemicals from airplanes which permanently genetically altered all future generations of those exposed, caused great harm, caused birth defects, pain and suffering, death, and destruction. 

Individuals lacking conscience, or any fear of judgment, do as they please, when they please. They are self indulgent and selfish. 

I had a front row seat of this from birth. My father, now retired, was a minion of the Corporate Satan, Monsanto. In the 1970's there would be an end to private property, gun ownership, hunting, family farming, self-employment, the sovereignty of nations, and that corporate think tanks would be the global government of all of humanity deciding who lives, and under what corporate hierarchy.

My father met, in our house, with like minded corporate minions from around the world, plotting. 

Those in the higher ranks of the corporate structure can be immune from prosecution and feel entitled. Monsanto owns politicians through bribes and taxpayer funded legislators come up with legislation such as the "Monsanto Protection Act," whereas corporations like Monsanto are immune from civil and criminal prosecution for their crimes against humanity.  


The EU is the result of corporate tyranny. How is that working out for EU countries? 

How are the wars working out for those who are in the way of Big Banking and Corporate Organized Crime? 

The 3rd World and refugees from bombed out countries are flooded into sovereign countries to cause strife. The billionaires and corporate tyrants who cause the problems then offer their world government solutions.


I opened the cellar door as a toddler. My younger sister fell down the stairs. My father arrived home at 5:15 PM, heard what happened, and then threw me down the cellar steps as if he were bowling. I was told that I was to stay down there, be silent, that he hoped I was severely injured, and that if I made any noise he would show me the true meaning of severe pain. 

This "person" said he was more intelligent, more reasonable that everyone else so he should be able to tell everyone what to do and since he was more reasonable, and intelligent than everyone else, if you didn't agree with him, you're crazy and no one should listen to you. 

I has asthma, so my father told me that I was too annoying to be around people and should apologize to anyone who suffered from having any contact with me. Punching me in the face if I had the sniffles, a running nose, or was wheezing was his solution. My father repeatedly told me that no one ever like me, I would never go to college, get a job, find a woman who love me, and I be so worthless that I could only end up in prison and that no one would care if I died and no one would attend any services for me. 

This type of sick, narcissistic, sociopath behavior is not uncommon in the Monsanto corporate world. 

He'd fill an enclosed car with cigar smoke, and then punch me if the face if I coughed. If I was out in the yard, or near where he was shooting hoops, he throw a baseball right in my face or thrust a basketball right against my little child nose. He had a broken nose as a youth and wanted me to have one as well. He told me he had no friends and didn't enjoy his childhood, so I would not either. 

My father's idea of tucking me in at night was coming in the room waking me up from a sound sleep and then choking me unconscious. If I was using facial tissues or toilet paper he burst in the bathroom and start punching me in the face for "wasting it". My eating dinner at the family table would irk him to no end. To him, my mother and I had scammed him out of free meals. I would get bashed in the face and sent to the cellar so many occasions, before I could eat. So, when I would sit down, I would shovel as much in as I could before being punished for breathing and existing. 

My paternal grandfather was a family father. My father was the opposite of everything my grandfather was, and stood for. My father stands for all that I most hate in this world and consider his ideology, pure evil. 


So, I hate international corporatists and billionaires such as George Soros, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Charles Koch, David Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Michael Milkin, David Rockefeller, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Rothschild, Ted Turner, Al Gore, etc. I especially hate the Clintons, the UN, and anyone associated with the Federal Reserve. 

I believe all of the above are fucking cunts, including my Monsanto Executive father. 


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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Globalists show their fear with all out Trump Bashing

Chelsea, Bill, and Hillary Clinton have looted Haiti after the most recent disaster there. Why not go after the real criminals? I assume Trump may have done nothing wrong. Those who profit from globalism, corporation creeping on humanity, big banker tyranny, wars without end, the loss of sovereignty, enslavement of the average person, strife, conflict, racism, and apathy all run the mainstream media at our expense.

I don't believe in much. I believe Trump cares about his legacy first. He chose to take on the role as US President. He legitimately won the job. So, he will give it is all for his legacy. That is why I'll have Trump's back 100% and believe he's the real deal.

The John McCains of the world are so slimy, they shouldn't be allowed to show their faces.


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Drudge Report:

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mutually Assured Global Suicide?

In the 1980's, fighter aircraft pilots were getting drunk in bars talking about weapons they shouldn't talk about. Imagine being so bored in the desert of the mid west US in a multi million dollar taxpayer paid for fighter jet, and making jack rabbits crossing your runway a pike of smoking bones with one push on a joystick inside your cockpit. Fast forward to "there are crazy weapons beyond your imagination" that are now 5 decades old, and the newer stuff might mean the sun won't come up tomorrow, is part of the psychopath billionaire arsenal.

What if, you knew of one human inside a 50 mile radius that you wanted to kill right away, or have diarrhea and die in prolonged pain? Satellite weapons from Reagan's "Star Wars" program are beyond our imagination for what is possible. The deep state can kill any one leader at anytime with a few key strokes. They can take out entire regions with a few keystrokes. There would be on electronics, no live, just resources with the right applications energized, and fired, from the unseen satellites above us.

The Deep State could take out Trump and all of Washington DC in a few keystrokes.

That fat tard in North Korea would be just a pile of smoking bones in a millisecond, if those who collect "taxes" from us globally actually cared about all of us average people.

A lawyer who serves his clients in the first initial, unpaid, consultation will go out of business. The lawyer who is incompetent, lazy, and dishonest can string a case on, and make millions for completely not serving his, or her, client. That is how government, policing, and the courts ... "work".

I like Trump, but I ran into a former Trump insider, Corey Lewandowski (wikipedia), and he is 9 years younger than me, but if we were the same age, and at a Frat party when I was 18, I would ask him to talk outside and feed that bleephole a fist sandwich.

My grandfather was a dirt farmer, a family farmer outside of Fargo, North Dakota. My father made sure I was left alone at the farm at age 4, where the nearest neighbor was 7 miles away. He was a Monsanto executive who profited from wars and international strife in guaranteed government contracts. At age 4, or 5, my grandfather came home to have his 9 AM "lunch", saw that I was abandoned by my father for having Asthma, and then took the day off during harvest season to introduce me to all his friends. He told me, "I won't be there beside you, but I will be there beside you in spirit, when there is fighting in the streets and we go after the criminal corporations and their criminal banker friends." (disclaimer: Not my grandfather's actual words ... I was 4 or 5, and memories aren't video tape.)

My own father was the biggest traitor to America, the farm, the traditional American Family, and to the sovereignty of the US in his own father's eyes. My grandfather's disgust with his son's chosen path was equal to my father's disgust with me having been born, from birth. I am my paternal grandfather's legacy, self-reliant, independent, and will die for what I believe in, type of person, and will piss on the graves of the globalist, corporate slut, pion, minions, bleepholes, such as is my own Monsanto Executive Father and types similar to him.

My father met with chemical and other corporation executives in our home, at work, and in other countries. In the 1970's they talked about a one global government run by the biggest corporations, the absolute nullification of the US Constitution, the end of private property, and the institution of special privileges for those who were highest on the corporate ladder. Corporations seek candidates who are sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, and other mentally ill miscreants to best serve the corporate world government as they are easily used, blackmailed, bribed, then discarded as compared to the shrinking percentages of "normal, caring, humans."  

I would like to honor my paternal grandfather, but I feel I am too old. My only hope is that Trump is more concerned about his legacy, than he is about those inside his own circle who'll stab him in the back any chance they can, and that might be family, not blood related..

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Did Trump take Globalist bait to be a catalyst for WWIII?

Trump's base is aware. Trump's base is aware of the term, "false flag," knowing its true meaning.

Trump might be playing chess, while others are playing checkers. Shave a retarded looking panda bear and you'd have an excellent cartoon version of the current dictator of North Korea, who might be in the doghouse after assassinating a member of his own family who was a remote threat to his rule, right on China's doorstep.

The current leader of Syria had zero to gain with a chemical attack on children. If you're winning, you don't post a bulls-eye on your forehead by doing something that crazy.

Wars benefit big banks, international corporate organized crime, and the billionaire cabal. These criminal elite puppeteer what is mainstream media. They're using your tax dollars to propagandize your news to make you drown in their total BS.

This blogger would like to see the traitor Chris Dodd, once head of the US Senate Banking Committee, hung by the neck, until dead, if convicted of treason. McCain was taking bribes from international bankers to institute policies that almost crashed the economy of the US. John McCain, a member of the Keating 5, is as sleazy, and is as much of a traitor. If found guilty of treason, each should be hung high and displayed.



Full Show - Russia Threatens To Strike Back - 04/10/2017 (Alex Jones, Infowars) [Direct link to video]

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Salad Bar Extract


I know there are many who will find my research hard to believe, because it brings into question the ethics of the all the members of the CDC and IDSA. So I will inject a personal anecdote.

When I was 16 years old, I lived in New York City. It was 1967, and my mother, who worked at Mount Sinai Hospital, was part of a team of researchers overseen by the head of pathology, who was working on a study to determine whether or not “the pill” caused cancer. The head pathologist had received a grant from the American Medical Association to research “the pill.” It was already on the market in various forms and at the time was playing a major role in the feminist movement.

One evening at dinner, my mother seemed unusually irritable. She turned to me and said, “You’re not on the pill are you? If you are, I want you to get off it immediately!” She was extremely upset. I reassured her that I was not on the pill. “Are you sure?”

She considered what she was going to say next and then said: “All the women in our study were on the pill. After three months, the pap smears were coming back positive (meaning positive for cancer). When we were sure that the pill caused cancer, we reported the results of our findings. We were certain this would be amazingly important news. Instead, the AMA withdrew its funding and has put the pill we were testing on the market. So please, if you have even considered taking the pill, don’t.”

I was shocked. Everyone I knew was on the pill. There was a sexual revolution because of the pill. Not only would the pharmaceutical company make money off the sale of the pill, it would then make money off the treatment of the cancer. It was the worst conspiracy theory I had ever heard. Not to mention the misogynistic tone of the entire enterprise. And if I hadn’t heard it from an insider, who happened to be my mother, I never would have believed it.

[More from source]


Keywords: Lyme Disease, CDC, IDSA, AIDS, breast cancer, HIV, Herpes, sexually transmitted, ticks, deer, Connecticut, Big Pharma, Kathleen Mary Theresa Dickson, Kathleen M. Dickson 59, Alabama, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Westerly, Pawcatuck Connecticut Stonington Alabama, DNA, Under Our Skin, vaccine, Autism, Obamacare, antibiotics resistant, medical community to diagnose Lyme disease: The Elisa test, which checks for antibodies to B.burgdorferi; the Western Blot, which is used to confirm a positive on the Elisa test, both of which are inconclusive; PCR or polymerase chain reaction for antigen detection where a piece of DNA is amplified; and finally, culture testing where they look for bacteria rather than an immune response.colon cancer, diagnosis, pap smear, borreliosis, British Inteligence, MI-6, WWII, Operation Paperclip, Ajax, Gaslighting, Gas Lighting, COINTELPRO, Vietnam, crack cocaine epidemic heroin Afghanistan CIA NSA FBI misconduct domestic spying Monsanto GMO Roundup week killer corn protest corporations TPP NDAA Martial Law Patriot Act Freedom Act NAFTA Donald J. Trump Barack Obama Lyndsay Graham Wet start John McCain baby killer narcotics drug trafficking Mena Arkansas Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton for Prison 2016 2017 Chelsea Richard Dick Cheney Blumenthal US State Senator liar politics independent news Grateful Dead Concert free pizza pirated media download Jim Morrison The Doors New Haven Connecticut Miami Penis exposure indictment Paris France Grave



[click here for more on the below]

Two Pro-2nd Amendment voices on the Internet have been found dead.

This post was cut and pasted from here. Are pro-gun advocates being killed? Are Facebook accounts being deleted when there are pro-gun pictures, videos, or text is posted?

Two of the most influential and outspoken Pro-2nd Amendment voices on the Internet have been
found dead:




Monday, March 06, 2017

In your face globalism on network tv sitcom. Mocking reality makes reality, fiction

Above logo was found on website exposing the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the NWO etc. [link].

[Direct link to below video]

Fictional Security, the DHS and TSA. Hate Speech is Free Speech and should be protected. Free Speech declared a "Hate Crime" means all Free Speech can put under suspicion. So, Free Speech can be declared a Hate Crime. You can't defend yourself, and there is a long prison sentence for those deemed fodder for the prison industrial complex, the NWO. [direct link to below video]


Thursday, March 02, 2017

No Lube for Barrack Obama in Federal Prison?

Barack Obama didn't ask to be born. His mother may have been a CIA sex operative to keep Non-white communists in line, and compromised. Did Barack Obama's mother pose for a Black Communist for these porn photos? [video]. But, as an adult, Obama was a Constitutional attorney. Did he protect the US Constitution with his oath to become US President, or not?

Well, if not ... maybe Obama should not be hanged by the neck until dead if convicted of treason ... or maybe he should get tied to a bunk in federal prison where Jared, the pedophile, from Subway fame, is offered no lube ...

And, if Subway chicken, checked by DNA contains less than 50% chicken, maybe there will be triple the irony for Obama ...

"NO LUBE FOR OBAMA" is white lettering on a black tee-shirt is something I'd like to wear.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Treason: 1 mil bribe to John McCain from Saudi Arabia

It's hard to find a bigger lying scumbag politician than John McCain with the exceptions of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

John McCain is a critic of US President Donald J. Trump, and so is that piece of excrement wrapped in skin, Connecticut US Senator Richard "The Dick" Blumenthal.

Should McCain be arrested for treason and prosecuted to the full extent for taking a $1,000,000 bribe?

Is the operation of the US Government for sale? Should taxpayers be represented by politicians they vote for, or should outside, international criminal regime interests be?


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John McCain Just Destroyed Himself! What This Reporter Just Asked Him Ended His Career! [Direct link to video]

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bar Talk: Joining Militias, Militias to protect Trump?

It's hard to hang out in biker and so called, "Redneck bars," when you aren't drinking alcohol, hate any kind of soda pop, and are on a special diet of eating healthy food, mainly in the raw. Even still, I'm able to strike up some political conversations.

Those who have hunted their entire lives, those who have never even held a firearm, and many who'd you'd never even thought would ever even have a bit of inkling to join, or initiate their own militias, is going on. I'm talking of areas off the beaten track in Maryland and Virginia ... and probably around the country.

Citizens are actually worried that there is some sort of international banker, corporate, or other power conspiracy to dislodge Trump and undermine our US Constitution. I don't know if it is just talk, or whether, or not, it will translate into action. But there is an increased sense, that firearms are more for protecting oneself, for protecting legitimate government, and to fight the threat of international threats to undermine our sovereignty and way of life is afoot.

I am friends with academics and those in the mental health field. Therapists and psychologists like to talk to me, probably therapy for them. After hearing those talking about their mental illnesses and their questionable behaviors, mental health professionals need to vent. An overly high percentage of them are unabashed Hillary Clinton supporters. Some are so alarmed that Trump is in office they are talking about arming themselves, storing food, and preparing for the hoards of Trump supporters who'll overrun their lifestyles and liberal beliefs. This is actually funny because they are unknowingly taking on the ideology opposite of their globalist pandering lives.

In Sweden, Germany, many European countries, and especially France unrestricted immigration of militant Muslims from war and conflict areas haven't worked out so well. There is such an influx of legal, or illegal, immigrants from Somalia, points in Africa, and especially from countries that are in conflict and war in the Arab world flooding into the US, many women of all races who are at least 2nd generation Americans are considering, or are, arming themselves to ward off rape, robbery, and to feel safe just getting to and from work. Women showing their unlicensed and illegal firearms in their purses in a bar is not uncommon ...

I would suppose that the vast majority of taxpaying citizens who are arming themselves are doing so, legally.

Many are just seeing for the first time, that mainstream media is just shameless propaganda inspired by the CIA. Paid for with US tax dollars.

Bar talk is bar talk. Most of what I hear, I think people just are venting with no real action that will ever happen ... but the Revolutionary War was allegedly won by the 3% who did take action and follow through on their words.

With groups like Black Lives Matter funded by international criminal billionaire George Soros, it is about destabilizing nations for profit. If Soros is funding propaganda to get cops killed to cause civil unrest, if I was a cop, I'd advocate drone bombing Soros as direct message to other international criminal globalists with too much money and too much money to do us all harm. If I were a cop, I would question my international police union as being anti-sovereignty, anti-America, and would question what kind of mayhem and strife the union is actually supporting and funding.


I hate the Clintons for the agenda after the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing. The blame was put on militias, farmers, ranchers, the self-employed, gun owners, and the outspoken "Constitutional Extremists."

There weren't many militias. Police were given federal tax dollars to go after those who would resist international police union agendas such as the construction of a police state with unlimited police powers, the suspension of the Constitution, and the conducting of Martial Law and/or Stealthy conducted Martial Law. Police were encouraged to infiltrate militias, hate groups, street gangs, traditional Mafia etc. to encourage them to break laws and/or assist in their revenue collection, drug trafficking, and property confiscation scams on hardworking, taxpaying average Americans.

Police were paid tax dollars to lie, commit perjury, file false police reports, manufacture evidence, and set up citizens for prison. Those who are, or were self-employed, or who are, or were gun owners, and/or pistol permit concealed carry holders could be put on a list for false arrests, prison, family break up, and having their lives ruined just because of their category, not because they posed any threat to society.

My letter to George W. Bush, 9-15-01, partially describing being under siege by police for being self-employed [here], click on documents to make them big enough to read.  The letter only increased the retaliation and harassment machine of the Connecticut State Police, and I was attacked by one of their police informants on my property 10-11-01, and was an excuse to railroad me to prison.

If you are put on what was, or is, the terrorist watch list, no fly, no gun buy list, judges and prosecutors are so corrupt you will have no luck in civil or criminal court. Just a barbecue will result, I can attest. Up to a 100% of US court cases can be decided in private before any hearing is even held.

I wrote to US President Donald J. Trump, [text here].

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

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P.S. most of those who I talk to are calling BS on Vladimir Putin and Russia being a threat to average Americans. Most believe that the "Russian hack of the US election," is just more lies out of the Hillary Rodham Clinton camp. Imagine all the profits that international bankers, corporate organized crime, war profiteers (including chemical corporations such as Monsanto), Big Pharma, billionaires, and the NWO would have received if Hillary had successfully lied, and stole her way in. Has anyone in history so begged to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law?


Gerald Celente - Polls: The People Want Peace, The Government Wants War! [direct link to video]

Sunday, February 19, 2017

McCain vs. Trump

The above picture, with a post with a video [originally found here].

McCain is a Republican. So is Trump. McCain is a turncoat for shamelessly attacking the Republican US President, Donald J. Trump. McCain could've chosen to remain silent, not attack with the Hillary Clinton attempted coup.

Arizona US Senator John McCain is an obvious UN/Corporate minion, in my opinion, an absolute traitor to the interests of average Americans. He is a Vietnam Veteran who was tortured. I don't consider him any hero. His nickname was "Wet start Johnny," who'd let raw fuel out and then cause the fuel to burn on an aircraft carrier putting airman, and the ship, at risk. Is John McCain responsible for the fire on the USS Forrestal aircraft carrier. [Wikipedia post]

McCain legislates that torture is okay for US to inflict on US citizens and citizens globally. What a hypocrite piece of excrement!

McCain would have been a worse, or similar, sell-out to the UN, billionaires, NWO, bankers, Wall St., and international corporate organized crime had he become US President winning the election over Barrack Obama. McCain needs to have his money trail investigated to see who is financing him.

Is John McCain personally responsible for at least 134 sailors? If he wasn't prosecuted, is he a Bilderberger, special, or owes the shadow government a lifetime of favors?

McCain and the Forrestal fire [Link to video]


McCain and Richard Blumenthal are part of the swamp Trump should have drained. 


Former Connecticut Attorney General Richard "Dick" Blumenthal [Wikipedia post] is another unabashed critic of Donald J. Trump. As Attorney General, Dick called himself "The People's Lawyer," on his official website. He seemed to not care about any citizens who were victims of Connecticut's rampant official corruption, predatory policing, and judicial whorehouse. I reported [this story] to Blumenthal's Connecticut Attorney General's office, and nothing was done, and no questions were asked.

If Blumenthal covered up corruption and defended the perpetrators is he guilty of racketeering, obstruction of justice, and [Misprison of a Felony]?

Former Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd took bribes from bankers and predatory mortgage lenders while on the US Senate Banking Committee, as the head, the Chair. I had sent Dodd a letter detailing Connecticut State Police misconduct, and their harassment of me, The Connecticut State Police harassment and abuse only increased after the letter. Blumenthal as Attorney General refused to pursue Dodd for his corruption, and Dodd's possibly being a key catalyst to the great recession with his treason.

"Blumie" got to sit in Dodd's vacated Connecticut US Senate seat. Blumenthal is an alleged Bilderberger and allegedly owns half the Empire State Building with his wife, has massive holdings, and is an unabashed insider who a globalist, not for us.

[Click here for]:

Pedicure or Toenail Painting?

Richard "Dick" Blumenthal, the Connecticut Attorney General.

He calls himself the "Public's Lawyer". Blumenthal seems too busy to care about citizen complaints or [public corruption].

The Connecticut "Justice System" has the morals of a Whorehouse. If those you complain to about public corruption are allegedly part of the profiteering, racketeering, obstruction of justice, and the attorney, legislator, executive branch, judicial, prosecutorial, official, and police misconduct, what do you think happens to the complainer? How "ethical" are any investigations if there is no requirement that there is ethics in government?

Self-policing doesn't work. Rich



My video uploads and favorites [found here]

If you're an independent news source, and you'd like me to follow up on a news story here in Washington, DC, with my high definition video camera and professional microphone assortment, please email me.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Taking Adverse Possession of Property, Part 2

This is a random image that I found using image search term, "McMansion."

I did a video [link] of an audio interview of Bob Hurt of Florida on the subject of taking adverse possession of abandoned property. It can be vacant because taxes are owed, death of owner, or because the house is going to be foreclosed upon. I've allegedly occupied houses simply as an "experiment", and/or for producing a video on it, such as, Prepping for Martial Law."

I became homeless in Vermont for a very short time. I lived outside in the cold and snow. I survived, but being prepared has never left me.

I know how to use a storage unit as a shelter, pay $25 per month to put up one of those temporary garages sold by Harbor Freight and rent a parking spot for it.

12 volt deep cell batteries are best for storing power from wind and/or solar. Before I had solar panels, I allegedly rescued an old VW diesel Rabbit. I inflated the tires and used a tow dolly to tow the relic behind a pickup truck to move it. Hooking an inverter to it I had a cheap generator for power. Non turbo diesel engines are absolute misers of fuel, and can run, and run, and run without the oil needing to be changed, spark plugs, or tune ups.

Heating oil can be "rescued" and used as diesel, but make sure to add diesel additive to fuel so it won't clog injectors. I let the car run during the day for 1 to 2 hours to replace the power that I drained from batteries during the night.

Powerboats and sailboats moored out in the water or up on jack stands in a boatyard are an awesome way to live off the grid as well.

Golf carts are the best source of the best deep cell batteries, but electric forklifts are even better. Those have 6 volt batteries and you need to run 2 of them negative to positive to have them strung together to make 12 volts. 12 volt batteries can be strung together positive to positive, negative to negative for a bank of batteries to store power.

The best way to keep warm inside a house that doesn't have it's own source of power is kerosene heaters that don't require power to run. Propane, natural gas, and gasoline create carbon monoxide and can kill you without you even being aware the process is happening. Diesel and kerosene don't create carbon monoxide. The smaller the area in a house, shelter, garage, storage unit, shelter, the easier it is to keep warm.

I allegedly had use of a McMansion for about 2 years. The garage was handy to work on cars and to live in it needed. I allegedly rescued a propane water heater from an old camper. It only heats 6 gallons of water and using a camper shower head is best. A 12 volt camper water pump can run off a single 12 volt deep cell or car battery. Car batteries aren't made to be drained down and recharged multiple times, deep cell batteries are.

Allegedly borrowing a lawn tractor once a week, kept the grass mowed around property. Neighbors asked if I had bought the property. Said, "No, I am just maintaining the property."

The pipes had frozen during the winter. The baseboard heaters for oil fired water, so all those froze too. The one toilet hadn't frozen and broke, so the mini living quarters were the master bath and master bedroom. I had running water as I had a 55 gallon plastic barrel that I pumped up to it using 12 volt pump. So, I had a completely off grid living situation in plain sight!

All of the above is complete fiction. I don't advise anyone to break any laws. I am working on the above as a video project, complete fiction. If I actually finish the work, I may even release it as an independent film.

For those of you who know me, I won't be available to answer you right away, it may take me days, or weeks in some cases. Don't send me texts as I will be retrieving voicemails remotely. If you send me emails don't expect instant answers back either.

I don't need to take adverse possession of property and am living quite comfortably.

But .... being prepared for any sort of situation is a good thing. Having plenty of water and dried and canned food to last at least 6 months without having to get any food from a market is awesome as well.

Why would I even be thinking along the lines of this? Well, here is a letter that I wrote to Trump, text:

I have been warned that my own father is attempting to do things behind the scenes to get me fired from my current job, broken up from my current romantic relationship (if I have one), and to get me tossed out of my current living situation. So, all the above information could potentially utilized in a worst case scenario.

My father and I have never seen eye to eye, and his abuse of me started in my earliest memories. Other Monsanto executives have been as cruel to their wives and children, it seems to be a common thread at Monsanto. Monsanto big wigs may choose to hire bipolar sociopaths to be their minions to make the most amounts of immoral profit ... that's another story ...

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Massive arrests nationwide for PizzaGate pedophilia scandal?

Scroll to bottom of post for video.

I have 2 friends who are dead trying to expose my trials and tribulations.

I am on the terrorist watchlist for having an attractive wife, who a dumb as a box of rocks, fat, police officer, living with his mother in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, wanted for himself. Police Officer Fat Frank Prochaska cost you 100's of thousands of dollars, just harassing me with Homeland Security tax dollars paid for officer overtime.

2 of my friends had hardcopy evidence of police, DHS, DCF, the courts, legislators, various Mafias, and their friends kidnapping children, selling into sex slavery individuals and children, drug trafficking, officials taking bribes to enrich connected individuals with tax dollars, beatings, setting citizens who are mouthy for death or long prison sentences, murder for hire, and profit from police state and having more more wars for insiders.

Two of my friends died of "natural causes" after having the above evidence and hardcopy evidence on the police state, domestic spying, and judicial abuse of yours truly, Steven G. Erickson.

RIP Rich Murzin and AJ Fontaine (sp?) video [click here].

My letter to Trump, [text found here].  My beef with the system, with names, [found here].

For international banks to take advantage of us, for corporate organized crime to take advantage of us, for a never ending drug war, endless wars and police actions, for spy organizations to steal billions and trillions of tax dollars, and for what we have currently, all that is needed is for judges who have sold out to the highest bidders to run amuck in what are called "courts of law".

Court cases, civil and criminal, are decided before they are held, worldwide. It's a global problem. Judges need to be investigated for where they have most profited to figure out who bribed them, and for what.

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(I haven't vetted the below video for accuracy)

Text with below video:

Published on Feb 13, 2017
The mother of a PizzaGate pedophile victim breaks her silence and speaks out in this explosive and EXCLUSIVE interview. Nancy Pelosi is connected. update on the massive nationwide arrests happening now in the Pizzagate scandal. David Zublick brings you the horrible truth!

PizzaGate Pedophile Victim's Mom Speaks Out In Exclusive Tell-All [Direct link to video]

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Judge's personal whorehouse, the Courts, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

Image I am reposting to represent a Satanic Judge was found on using image search engine.

I hope Donald J. Trump realizes it just isn't the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that are shameless whores. I ask Donald to look into the finances of judges nationwide to see who, what corporation, and what bank paid for what result in a court. I personally believe that the current court system is 100% corrupt and verdicts and judgments are decided before a case is even brought about. Donald please drain the judicial swamp.

Would there have been any financial crisis in the US without the corruption and pandering of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals? Mortgage companies and banks get a free pass when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is involved in what I've personally researched and through information and tips emailed to me. Do word searches to educate yourself independently.

Richard I. Fine exposed the corruption of judges in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, who they took illegal contributions, and are paid to fix cases. Fine spent 18 months in prison without charges to attempt to silence him. [Story]

It the State of Connecticut, sources tell me that judges are given insider information to make money hand over fist, such as in investing in certain municipal bonds that insiders know about. High yields, high profits, and no risk. The money then is hard to trace as a direct bribe. But judges are expected to payback favors to have become judges and owe allegiance to the international criminal cronies.

After massive fraud of Bank of America, JP Morgan, and others, and the resulting foreclosures and economic downturn, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals let the culprits of so much fraud off by dismissing the case:


$8.9M Ponzi Scheme Victims Can't Sue BofA, 9th Circ. Says

Law360, New York (March 3, 2016, 2:41 PM EST) -- Investors duped into taking out fraudulent mortgage loans to invest in an $8.9 million Ponzi scheme don't have racketeering claims against Bank of America and another lender, the Ninth Circuit ruled on Wednesday, saying the lenders didn't cause the investors' losses.
The 17 investors claimed the bank violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act by aiding Kaveh Vahedi's mortgage fraud and Ponzi schemes. They claimed the banks called him a “carefully screened” business partner and ignored fraudulent loan applications he filed on their behalf. But the investors hadn't explained how the lenders influenced their decisions to invest the money they borrowed in Vahedi's Ponzi scheme, the three-judge panel said, affirming dismissal of the suit.

The Southern California con-man ran a two-part scheme via his mortgage brokerage, KGV Investments Inc. In the mortgage fraud, he inflated incomes on more than 250 false loan applications to Bank of America and Countrywide Home Loans Inc. He then convinced some of those borrowers to lend him money he said he would invest in large development projects [more from source]


Former Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd, and alleged Bilderberg Member, was chair on the powerful Senate Banking Committee at the same time he was taking bribes to screw over all average Americans to benefit the international criminals who bribed him. Dodd was never arrested or prosecuted for some of the largest financial crimes in history. Dodd continues to make money as a lobbyist and his other scams. [Story]


I went to legislators in Connecticut about Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan bias, and abuse, of the self-employed in civil cases. He then retaliated sitting on a criminal case where I had resisted being mugged on my own property and without a previous criminal record I got a year in prison for having pepper sprayed a mugger who attacked me and demanded I give up my wallet or have my penis cut off. I kid you not: (address in document is still good, but phone # listed is not). My email can be made from stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

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As of yesterday, I, Steven G. Erickson, still have received the return receipts of the letters that I mailed to Donald J. Trump on January 17th. Content of letter:


Joe Rogan Experience #911 - Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo [direct link to video]

Text with video:

Streamed live on Feb 1, 2017
Alex Jones is a radio show host, filmmaker, writer, and conspiracy theorist. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author.

Almost 3 million hits to video at time of posting this. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Moonbats losing their minds with Trump in Office

I did an image search for word, "Moonbat," and the above photo was up high on the list. It fits. When some liberal moonbats only have a steady diet of Facebook and mainstream media, it is amazing, they yell, rant, and scream wanting Trump killed and out of office. I talked to one Hispanic woman yesterday. She started crying saying Trump is a racist. I asked her to tell me one racist thing that Trump has done or said.

She talked about the wall. Her severely handicapped, mid teens son, made some statement that he'd like to kill Trump like he was JFK, some song that is being passed around online! Billionaire George Soros will spend his billions to attempt to destabilize the US Government. He is a breaker of nation states, and the Ukraine and other countries having riots on the streets is his handy work. Soros funds Black Lives Matter just to cause the murder of police, mayhem, and a possible start of a civil war in the US. Why isn’t Soros in some dark, dank prison, or even drone bombed?

Madonna can talk about blowing up the White House, and amazingly, there is no news clip of her being hauled away in handcuffs.

I have an Iranian friend. He’s afraid some of his extended family can’t come to visit him in the US. He, nor his family, in my opinion is any threat to America. The CIA was a real threat to his country in the 1950's. British Petroleum wanted Iranian oil. The CIA had operatives blow up school buses, attack schools, cause civil unrest on the streets, and help install a CIA puppet leader, the Shah. So, who is a danger to whom?

I have a psychologist friend. He is an avid Hillary Clinton fan and Trump hater. He’s only praised Hillary to date, and slams Trump. Monday night he made a drastic departure. He was angry about all his weak minded clients who are losing their minds making all sorts for threats wanting harm or death to come to Trump. The psychologist claims that clients are suggesting some pretty outrageous, violent, and treasonous actions. All it takes is one deranged wind up toy to act out on one of these.

If I think there is any credible threat against Trump, as much as I mistrust the American authorities, local, state, and federal, I’ll make a phone call.

The most unproductive, mentally challenged, and most gullible citizens are being fed an unrestricted diet of George Soros funded propaganda to harm national tranquility. Mainstream media is paid to lie and spew propaganda paid with US taxpayer dollars funneled into them by the CIA.

Domestic strife is being funded by those who want to topple legitimate representative government.


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